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“Because of Rifkin Consulting, I landed my dream job. Diane took the time to understand me and my objectives, and when coupled with her extensive network and industry knowledge, the result was a perfect match for me and my employer! Diane’s responsiveness and genuine commitment to my well-being made the process of moving on after a decade with the same firm much easier. There is no way I’ll ever be able to adequately thank Diane for all she has done for me!”
J.M., In-House Placement, Southern California

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rifkin Consulting, considering I have worked with Diane Rifkin for several years and have found her to be very knowledgeable about the legal community. Whether she is representing prospective attorney candidates or working on a firm search, she consistently demonstrates a high degree of moral and ethical standards. Diane can be counted on for results, efficiency, candor, and confidentiality, while maintaining the human element and sensitivity that is sometimes lost with professional recruiters. I cannot say enough good things about Diane’s professionalism.”

Lorraine Connally, Director of Legal Recruiting at Allen Matkins
“Through an invaluable combination of her professional (yet good-natured) demeanor, her active listening skills, her sound judgment, her established contacts, and above all else, her obvious desire to put me in the right place (not just any place), I am finally working at a firm whose interests and priorities are identical to my own.”
R.J., (Southern California)

“The relationship that you have taken the time to develop with the partners at [law firm] was absolutely critical in my securing this position…. The fact that these partners always seem to make immediate time for you is a testament to your high level of professionalism and your reputation in the community. All of your candidates should feel good about their chances for success once they are presented by you.”

T.K., (Southern California)

“Rifkin Consulting, Inc., impressed me as a professional organization that moves quickly and effectively in its searches. The process they utilized to immediately review my resume, interview me, and begin the process of review…resulted in employment at a new job in less than three weeks.”

A.B., (In House, Southern California)

“As a result of Diane’s superlative knowledge of the legal market and years of experiences, coupled with her ability to understand my particular career objectives, Diane was immediately able to place me with her contacts that enable me to achieve my next career move. I am forever grateful…”

N.H., (Northern California)

“Diane really listens to her clients. She uncovers leads that firms do not advertise. She keeps her clients informed. And she always calls them back promptly. I cannot recommend Diane Rifkin more highly.”

H.K., (Southern California)

“What impressed me most about Rifkin Consulting was their honest commitment to finding me the best placement based on listening to my needs and wishes… my resume was handled with the utmost confidence and care…without a second thought, I would use them again should the need arise.”

M.S., (Southern California)

“It is with the utmost enthusiasm that I recommend Diane. Her genuine concern for her client’s interests, knowledge of the market, communication skills, dependability and integrity separate her from anyone else I ever dealt with.”

C.S., (Southern California)

“Ms. Rifkin negotiated the terms of my employment with my new firm providing me with a competitive salary and an opportunity for a salary increase at the end of my first six months at the firm.”

C.C. , (Southern California)

“What was particularly great about working with Diane is that she took real time to learn my background, interests and needs before presenting opportunities. With that, I was always confident that any opportunity we discussed was a good fit for me.”

A.N., (Southern California)

“Your attention to my needs and interests, your initiative in creating and introducing me to an opportunity that matched my interests, and your responsiveness and good judgment along the way led me to a truly rewarding career change.”

M.P., (Southern California)

“Ms. Rifkin’s candor, professionalism, and affable nature made it a pleasure and a privilege to work together. Her methods of keeping me informed coupled with her knowledge of firms and industry, assured me that my particular job search was a priority.

M.S., (Southern California)

It’s the quality of our counsel, our reliable market intelligence and our network of expansive legal relationships that help attorneys achieve long term practice and career growth.