Work with Diane – you will be so impressed!

My experience with Diane has resurrected my belief in and respect for legal recruiting as a profession!  I thought I would not need a recruiter – I came from a Vault 20 firm, and believed that if I approached firms myself, I would have a better chance at landing a great offer since the firm would not have to pay a recruiter’s fee.  I was so mistaken.  Diane has personal relationships with all the firms – large to mid-size to small – in Orange County that cannot replace a resume.  She was able to get me interviews at firms that I never could have received by directly contacting the firm. Being an attorney herself, however, she also wants to assist attorneys in their career crossroads, and will literally spend hours talking with you about your career trajectory, personality style and what really is the next best step for you.  She will go through her extensive resources to find you the perfect fit – if she thinks you won’t be happy at a particular firm, she will tell you so, even if that means she could have received a hefty finder’s fee by placing you at that firm.  There are so many shady recruiters who will blindly mass-mail your resume even when there isn’t an opening at that firm.  That means you are effectively “locked out” of applying when a position does open up!  She does not do that!  She personally writes individualized cover letters and talks to her contacts at the firm before she sends your resume out.  She was more than just a fantastic recruiter, but also a mentor, guide and friend.  Don’t go with any other recruiting firm, including those on-line ones that claim to give you a placement fee.  Your career, happiness and well-being are worth so much more than that.  Work with Diane – you will be so impressed!

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